Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Christening [Cherry Beach]

The Christening, originally uploaded by Michael Mitchener.
Well, today was the big day. After announcing that my canoe would be nameless no more, and asking for input, this morning was the official christening of... Nessie.

Thanks to everyone for your feedback and creative suggestions. It wasn't an easy decision. In the end, I went for a bit of a connection to my Scottish roots and the image of a green beast in the lake (or loch) that Nessie produces - for me anyway. I was very close to choosing a Gaelic name but after mentioning a couple options to friends, I realized none of us could actually pronounce a Gaelic name and this would limit the use of a name as a means of reference. Many thanks to my patient first-cousin-once-removed, Donna in Scotland who provided several translations.

Thanks to Bark (AKA Steve K) for suggesting Nessie in the first place. You know your boats and I owe you a sunrise paddle if you ever feel like leaving the house at 5 AM and canoeing around Lake Ontario. Just let me know.

Speaking of early mornings, Frank Lemire and William Self joined me this morning for a pre-sunrise launching of newly named Nessie. We hit the beach around 5:30 AM and figuratively broke a bottle of scotch on Nessie's bow. After a slug of Glenlivet and a toast to Slainte Mhath, we launched Nessie into the calm waters of Lake Ontario and explored the Outer Harbour. Thanks for a great morning (and for the Dixie cups Frank). As Bill mentioned, a pre-canoe toast might be something we want to make a tradition. Cheers.

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