Sunday, September 27, 2009

The First and Possibly Last Paddle of Fall [Leslie Spit]

Red Sky at Morning, originally uploaded by Michael Mitchener.

Date: September 27, 2009
Time: ~6:15 AM to ~9:30 AM
Launch Point: Cherry Beach
Destination: Western shore of Leslie Spit
Passengers: William Self & Michael Mitchener
Conditions: Light winds with a slight chop.
Sightings: A few birds, one otter, one guy standing on surfboard crossing the bay using a kayak paddle, a Degrassi High film crew, a lone fisherman, and of course a few dogs on the beach.
Bill and I headed out for a paddle on Saturday knowing there might not be many more opportunities this year with fall upon us. Despite a pretty good wind when we arrived on the beach, the chop was light and once we headed out into the water, the Spit protected us from much of the wind.

A Buoy's Life, originally uploaded by Michael Mitchener.

We were both surprised at how many stars and planets were visible as we paddled towards the Outer Harbour Marina. It wasn't long before the sky had brightened and we were treated to an amazing sunrise with lots of variations of light and colour. It was the type of sunrise that presents many photographic opportunities and different moods and views from well before sunrise to some time after the sun was comfortably above the horizon. To think I sleep through this show most mornings.

The morning was a good balance of seriously paddling with many breaks for pictures. We toured the Outer Harbour Marina and then headed south to the next marina near the red pedestrian bridge. It really sunk in to me that summer is over when we noticed that practically all of the creepy cormorants are gone and the Spit was strangely silent. We saw a few early morning joggers and cyclists out on the Spit and a lone fisherman nestled in the reeds near the red bridge, otherwise we had the place to ourselves. My first reaction to the sight of the fisherman was that he must be crazy to be out here this early but then I reminded myself that we were in the same boat.

William Self, Canoeist, originally uploaded by Michael Mitchener.

It was a great morning and we covered extra "ground" knowing we might not get out again until the spring but we did note that there are a fair number of deciduous trees on the Spit and we hope to make at least one more trip once the leaves change colour if the marine forecast cooperates. It was really great to get the canoe out so many times this year and I thank my regular paddling partner, William Self, for the many early morning trips.


  1. Three great additions to the blog entry Bill. Thanks for posting.

  2. So interesting, and a new way for me to see my city! I'll be adding this to my GoogleReader for sure!