Monday, August 24, 2015

Life of Dudley [Killbear]

Life of Dudley

Date: August 9-17, 2015
Launch Point: Killbear Provincial Campground
Destination: Anywhere
Crew: Michael Mitchener & Dudley
Conditions: Summer

Nessie Northbound

I spent about a week at Killbear this year and had Nessie on the water a few times.  While Georgian Bay can be fast and rough, most paddles were calm with relative smooth waters (at least the times I choose to canoe).  I met some canoers who had been out the day before and had had troubles getting back to our bay due to strong winds.  At one point they were being pushed against the rocks and used their paddles to keep the canoe safe.  With this in mind, I kept an eye on the weather and picked my times.  

Red Squall

While Dudley isn't a big fan of canoeing, he was out and about for a few rides and reluctantly enjoyed himself although his preferred position is tucked between my legs when on the water. 

Drowned Leaf

Killbear is beautiful, you should go there.  Cheers.

A Bug's Life


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