Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flannel Friendly [Voulez-Vous Cafe]

Photo by Steve Veale

With temperatures around -10 Celsius and 10 inches of snow on the ground, a group of friends and neighbours braved the elements to join Frank Lemire, Michael Mitchener and William Self for the February 3rd opening of our photography exhibition at Voulez-Vous Café.

Photo by Frank Lemire

It was a welcome evening of fun, flannel, food, fromage, drink and photography after a long, cold winter. The Urban Voyageur Show consisted of photographs taken by the trio while canoeing Toronto's waterways over the last two years.

Photo by Steve Veale

While we hadn't had the canoe on the lake since last October, Nessie made a welcome appearance inside the warm cafe and acted as a suitable mascot for the evening, as well as served up some great cheese.

Photo by Steve Veale

Many thanks to all that attended and helped to make this a successful exhibition and to Sean Lacey and his crew who hosted the evening and provided the always great cafe venue. Also, thanks to Steve Veale who took many of these Opening Night photos (along with Frank Lemire).

Photo by Steve Veale

The evening ran late (sorry Sean) and eventually wound up soon after negotiating Nessie through the crowd, out one of the cafe windows, and through the neighbourhood for a short snowy portage back to winter storage.

Photos by Frank Lemire

We were lucky enough to run the show into March for two full month's of canoe photography to help cafe customers combat the winter blues while sipping their lattes.

Photo by Steve Veale

All of us are looking forward to another season of canoeing, photography and lots of laughs. Thanks all.

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  1. The canoe is a great touch! The flannel too... :)